Dominion Nickel Alloys Ltd
Scrap Metals Recycling

Business Philosophy

Frank Fleisher laid a firm foundation for honesty and integrity back in 1969. It's a legacy that's maintained today by sons Allan, Howie, and Danny. As today's hands-on Management Team, they're solidly committed to these time-honoured truths;


§  Quality is our top priority. The quality of our product and of our services is a direct reflection on us and, as such, receives our utmost attention.

§  Every technical and human effort will be expended to assure that customers receive nothing less than the highest quality product and services.

§  Everyone will be treated fairly and honestly, including suppliers, customers, and employees. We believe strongly in the importance of forging and maintaining strong personal and working relationships that are beneficial to all parties involved.

§  Suppliers and customers will be treated with genuine respect - which includes making a sincere effort to understand and fulfill their every need.

§  Promises made will be promises kept. Our word is our bond and, as such, our suppliers, customers, and employees can count on us to live up to our promises.

§  Material will be sorted, analyzed, and processed quickly, and suppliers will be paid promptly, in accordance with agreed terms of purchase.

§  Our facility and equipment will be continually upgraded to maintain the highest levels of service and product quality that our suppliers and customers deserve.

§  Suppliers and customers will receive complete assistance with any needs they may have, to their utmost satisfaction.

§  We are conscious of the importance of maintaining and not harming the environment and will operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner and in strict compliance with all regulations.

§  Every effort will be made to assure that the company remains a solid corporate citizen in all communities in which it is represented. 


            “In other words, Dominion Nickel Alloys Ltd. is fully 
            committed to conducting their recycling business in 
                 a totally responsible and professional manner.”

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